Particular conditions School of French as a Foreign Language (EFLE)

The School is intended for students whose French is not the language of reference or of culture. They must fulfill the admission conditions for the bachelor but the Complementary examination of Swiss Higher Education Institutions (ECUS) and French exam are not required for the EFLE.


Candidates wishing to register with the EFLE and who do not need a visa for studies must provide the documents unavailable by 30 April 2023 at the latest by 15 August 2023. Failing to do so their candidature will not be processed.

The obligation to deposit an application with the Admissions Office within the deadlines remains.

Sufficient knowledge of French

Students must have sufficient knowledge of French to understand and assimilate teaching given exclusively in French.
A classification test will orientate the candidates to their level and may lead to a refusal of eligibility by the School.

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the French version of the registration conditions prevails