Satellites and intensive French courses


A good knowledge of French is required for admission to the University of Lausanne.

Students whose mother tongue is not French and who have no Swiss secondary school diploma, but who are exempted from the Complementary Examination of Swiss Higher Education Institutions (ECUS), must sit a French exam before final registration on a Bachelor programme.

Cours Satellites

The University of Lausanne offers French courses to its regular students.

These courses are French lessons (language, literature, culture) intended for non French-speaking students.

They are free of charge and their aim is to allow students to organise and systematise the knowledge of French that their life and studies in Lausanne have enabled them to acquire.

They are organised by the School of French as a Foreign Language (EFLE).

Enrolment on these courses does not however grant exemption from the French exam.

Intensive French courses - Le FIL

The intensive French courses (Le FIL) are not free of charge.

Students wishing to improve their knowledge of the French language may enrol in the intensive French courses (Le FIL).

Information and application on the following link : Le FIL - intensive French courses

The Mutual Teaching in Context programme provides ECTS credits and a Certificate of Qualification in French (CQF). The CQF (levels B1, B2 or C1) of the intensive French courses (Le FIL) of UNIL grants exemption from the French exam.

CQF exams may be taken independently of courses.

Note: candidates wishing to enrol at UNIL after an intensive French course must have sent their application to the Admissions Office within the regular deadline.



the French version of the registration conditions prevails