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Some key figures

Find here, at a glance, the key figures for equality at UNIL :

the distribution between women and men among students and staff at UNIL and the evolution of female representation among professors.

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Statistics by category of profession

Find here all the figures by category of profession, as well as statistics on the recruitment of professors.


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Dual career couples: a survey on UNIL professors

The Office for Equality conducted a survey among the faculty to find out the situation of professors with regard to dual career couples. The survey conducted between February and March 2020 shows that the vast majority of UNIL professors, at the time of their hiring, shared their lives with a partner in paid employment.Reference.jpg

Nearly 30% were living with a person pursuing an academic career. The reconciliation of this dual career represented a real difficulty for more than half of them.

This is particularly true for women, as almost two thirds of female professors in dual career couples say that they had difficulties reconciling their academic career with their partner's professional career at the time of their appointment as a professor. And more than half of them say that they are still experiencing difficulties in reconciling their career with that of their partner.

In view of these results and the targeted efforts made by UNIL to recruit women professors, support for dual-career couples appears particularly important in order to hire more women and encourage them to stay for the long term.


Read the report (in french)


Equal pay analysis at UNIL

The first equal pay analysis was conducted at UNIL. The analysis shows that there is no systematic discrimination against women with regard to salary setting. UNIL therefore respects the constitutional dreamstime_m_140200356.jpg (Symbol for gender equality. Hand turns a dice...principle of "equal pay for work of equal value".

However, women are still under-represented in the higher hierarchical levels and in positions requiring the highest levels of competence. In this respect, UNIL intends to carry out targeted actions to support women's careers and to promote working conditions conducive to equal opportunities, both in the academic sector and in administration and technology.


Read the report (in french).


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