How to register online and prepare your application

| Online application to a Doctoral studies programme with a Master or another university degree issued by a foreign university

Candidates must also satisfy the following requirements:

- Agreement of a professor to act as thesis supervisor;
- Agreement of the Faculty.

These agreements are validated by the signatures on the PhD form.

It is necessary to submit and validate your application online and to upload the documents requested. Depending on the country where the previous diplomas were obtained, certified copies must be sent by post.
Only complete applications submitted within the specified deadlines will be examined. If one or more of the documents referred to below are missing without justification, the application will be closed without further action and no decision will be sent to the candidates.

Content of applications for admission to the doctoral programme with a foreign diploma - see list of documents and detailed instructions

The prospective PhD student must also send the two copies of the completed and signed PdD form to his/her thesis director. The link to the form is provided in the online application and in the email acknowledging receipt sent immediately after the confirmation by the candidate (to be printed out by him/her).

The thesis director signs and forwards the form to the Doctoral School or the Dean’s Office, who stamps and signs the document before returning it to the Admissions Office by 15 October 2024 (autumn semester 2024/2025) or 28 February 2025 (spring semester 2025). It is therefore important for the candidate to forward the PhD form to the thesis director without delay.

Candidates will be informed personally of the result of their application and of any necessary formalities required to complete their registration.
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Confirmation of registration

Admitted candidates must confirm their registration in accordance with the instructions provided by the Admissions Office.

If the foreign university diploma has not yet been obtained, a final transcript mentioning all the exams taken during the university curriculum, the final grade obtained and the specific mention that the degree has been awarded (degree awarded, graduated, degree granted…) has to be provided. If the final transcript does not include this information, an official certificate confirming the graduation has to be provided. The degree must have been awarded and no longer be submitted to the decision of a board, a ministry or any other higher institution authorities.

Duration of registration

Doctoral students must be registered at UNIL from the beginning to the end of their doctorate, until their thesis is registered by the Bibliothèque Cantonale et Universitaire.

If registration of the thesis takes place after 15 October, the PhD student must remain registered for the Autumn semester. If it takes place after 28 February, the PhD student must remain registered for the Spring semester.

Online application to a Doctoral studies programme with a Master or another university degree issued by a foreign university



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