Living costs and study costs

Course and examination enrolment fees, semester fees:

- Bachelor, Master, EFLE: CHF 580.- per semester.

- Doctorat: CHF 80.- per semester + CHF 200.- of single registration fees collected the first semester.

With the invoice available on the IT portal MyUnil you can pay the fees at any Swiss post office or by e-banking.

Further information related to fees: Règlement du 15 juin 2011 sur les taxes d'immatriculation, d'inscription aux cours et aux examens perçues par l'Université de Lausanne and Directive de la Direction 3.2 en matière de taxes et délais.


The basic student budget is around CHF 1950.- per month
This amount includes, in addition to enrolment and semester fees:
Living and food expenses CHF 850 to 900
Accommodation (not including expenses for heating, water, electricity, telephone, etc.) CHF 600 to 800
Health and accident insurance CHF 150 to 300
Books and course material  CHF 100 to 150




the French version of the registration conditions prevails