Action Plan 2022-2026



UNIL’s Action Plan for Equality, Diversity and Inclusion 2022-2026 marks a significant shift from previous periods. While continuing efforts to promote equality between women and men, it integrates new areas of intervention. It highlights measures aimed at improving the reception, visibility, inclusion and study and working conditions of all, regardless of sex, gender identity, sexual orientation, social or ethnic origin, culture or whether or not they have a disability.

This new action plan is based on four general principles:

  • Intersectionality - The priorities, axes, objectives and measures proposed in the action plan must be defined according to an intersectional approach to the inequalities and discriminations it aims to combat, so as not to neglect one theme (such as equality between women and men) in favour of another (the fight against racism, for example). In this document, we therefore speak of equality, diversity and inclusion (EDI), to reflect this intersectional approach.
  • Involvement of all - The complexity and diversity of the issues requires the involvement and commitment of all UNIL staff, at all hierarchical levels, but also of the various faculties and services.
  • Collaboration with the city - Efforts for equality and inclusion are carried out by various other public authorities. Stronger collaboration with the Canton (via the Cantonal Office for Gender Equality) and the neighbouring municipalities, where the members of the UNIL community live, would be an opportunity for the university to anchor itself in a regional public policy.
  • A strong EDI network in the higher education institutions - For more than 20 years, Swiss higher education institutions have been developing measures for equal opportunities, carried out in particular by the equal opportunities offices and services. The latter have formed a collaborative network, resulting in several joint projects. This network should be maintained and extended to the universities of applied sciences and arts (HES) and universities of teacher education (HEP).
Priorities and actions

Preventing and acting against discrimination and harassment


Promoting equality, diversity and inclusion



  • Training and practical guide on inclusive communication
  • Support for immigrants and asylum seekers in succeeding in their studies and careers
  • Teacher training in tools designed to disseminate EDI in their classes
  • Promotion of events and units presenting academic research from non-Western countries

Promoting equality in careers and studies


Anchoring equality, diversity and inclusion in the culture and management of the institution


  • Surveys on work and study climate, teaching load and monitoring of gender statistics
  • Annual publication of the results of the equal pay analysis at UNIL
  • Promotion of parity in decision-making bodies at all levels
  • Allocation of resources to faculties for the promotion of equality, diversity and inclusion


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