Against discrimination on the basis of sexual and emotional orientation or gender identity

Respect is a fundamental value of our university. UNIL wishes to promote a healthy, inclusive and non-discriminatory working and study climate, allowing each member of the university community to feel respected, to develop and to mobilize their skills to ensure the success of their study, research and/or professional projects. Homophobia and transphobia are not tolerated.


Sexual orientation and gender identity

Forms of discrimination


Refers to any manifestation of rejection of and discrimination against trans* people or trans* issues in general.


A general term that overlaps gayphobia and lesbophobia, and includes any manifestation of rejection or discrimination (ranging from insults to physical assault to murder) against lesbian and gay people or homosexuality in general. Lesbophobia refers to those forms of homophobia that are specifically directed at lesbian women, with the double penalty of sexism and homophobia. Gayphobia refers to forms of homophobia that target gay men.


An ideology that prioritizes sexualities by postulating the superiority and the promotion of heterosexuality. It assumes that there is only one valid and normal sexual and emotional orientation, heterosexuality.


When a third person makes a coming-out in the place of the LGBTIQ+ person, independently of the will of the latter.


Source: Travailler la diversité: guide des questions lesbiennes, gay, bisexuelles ou trans* (LGBT) en contexte professionnel. Fédération genevoise des associations LGBT, octobre 2019
(PDF, in French)

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