Conditions & Training

Conditions to be a supervisor or a co-supervisor

Supervisor / Thesis director

  • The conditions to be a thesis director are listed in our regulations. They may vary depending on the doctoral track, particularly if the student is pursuing an MD or PhD thesis. 
  • For PhD theses, permission to supervise theses may be required according to certain specific criteria detailed in our regulations. For more information or requests, please contact the Thesis Office.

Co-supervisor / Co-director (3.11)

  • The conditions to be a co-director 3.11 are described here.
  • Form for a co-direction 3.11 request (Folllow: Milestones' section - useful documents and forms, tab number 3 "During your PhD", document Co-directorship 3.11)

Training to supervise doctoral students

In order to establish a good relation with your doctoral student, the direction of the UNIL, offers a half-day workshop on the following topics:

  • Describe doctoral supervision process with tools from educational psychology
  • Explain how you perceive your role and the role of your doctoral student in this relationship
  • Use different educational psychology tools to analyse your doctoral supervision and develop your practice

Facilitator : Prof. Estelle Doudet & Dr Mélanie Bosson

Target population : UNIL Academic staff who supervise doctoral candidates.

Other training courses & services are also offered:

  • Being a professor or MER at UNIL - Roles, responsibilities and challenges
  • Supporting and preparing doctoral candidates for their career after the doctorate - Roles, responsibilities and challenges
  • Individual consultation

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