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HEC Lausanne is one of Europe’s foremost teaching and research centres in the fields of management and economics. It stands out by the importance it attaches to research on fundamental questions that will shape the world of tomorrow. The development of knowledge and the introduction of new ways of thinking are instrumental in guaranteeing a high quality education, consistently at the forefront, that will benefit future leaders.

What will the world of tomorrow be like?

Understanding the world in which we live, analysing the trends of our time and forecasting their impact on individuals, businesses and authorities are among the themes arising from the far-reaching questions posed by researchers at HEC Lausanne.

Research at HEC Lausanne falls principally into two categories:

  1. Analysis of the major trends that characterise the economic and social environment of businesses - Globalisation, the place of the state, the development of financial markets, information technologies and terrorism are pointers to an emerging new international order, to which businesses must find an adequate response

  2. A better understanding of the role of the individual within this environment and within businesses – Individuals, their decision-making methods and behavioural preferences, are central to the changes that are occurring and will determine the necessary responses

These topics require a multidisciplinary approach and in this respect HEC Lausanne has a strong hand, with research teams that include in their ranks many researchers with backgrounds in economics, psychology and sociology.

Research teams

HEC Lausanne has more than 300 researchers, including some of the most prominent specialists in their fields. Their studies make a significant contribution to the scientific and economic debate and are published in leading international scientific journals.

The exceptional conditions and framework offered by HEC Lausanne stimulate the development of new projects and each year attract individuals from all over the world, enhancing the quality of research teams with their knowledge and culture.

Research is conducted within twelve departments and institutes: finance, information systems, applied macroeconomics, health economics and management, actuarial sciences, econometrics and political economy, organisational behaviour, accounting and control, marketing, operations, strategy, corporate law and taxation.

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