Entrepreneurship and innovation UNIL

HUB entrepreneurship and innovation UNIL

The University of Lausanne strengthens its support of entrepreneurship by creating a new HUB for entrepreneurship and innovation on June 1st 2019.

Stimulate entrepreneurial mindset with a focus on sustainable development goals

The mission of HUB is to bring innovative solutions to the world’s greatest challenges with a focus on sustainable development goals by giving our graduates and community entrepreneurial mindset so they can contribute in a meaningful way to our region and to the world

An inclusive approach to entrepreneurship

We support projects in life science and human science, for profit or not for profit. We support initiatives coming from students and researchers from our 7 faculties and partners. We care as much about entrepreneurship as about intrapreneurship.

Co-création as a mindset

The HUB collaborates with the UNIL and regional eco-system to co-create programmes or events supporting entrepreneurial mindset in our community. We favor an interdisciplinary approach around a project or a course.

A Space at the Center of the Campus

Located at the heart of the campus in Amphipôle, the space UCreate hosts the UNIL accelerator and some student associations key to the entrepreneurial ecosystem like START, OIKOS. The space is open for all and foster collaboration between the HUB, students and associations

A digital platform to be launched

The HUB will launch a digital platform UCreate in the autumn 2019. This initiative will enable the UNIL community to have access to all entrepreneurial activities (events, courses, ideation or acceleration programs) on campus or in the region in one single click.


Anne Headon
Directrice Projet Entrepreneuriat et Innovation

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