Crossing disciplinary gazes on landscape: a cultural approach

UNIL principal investigator

Prof. Nelly Valsangiacomo, Faculty of Arts

UNIPD principal investigator

Prof. Benedetta Castiglioni, DISSGeA


Joint seminar / conference involving early-stage researchers


The project folllows a first seminar that will be held in Lausanne in October 26, 2022, focussing with an interdisciplinary approach on mountain landscapes, with the participation of some researchers from UNIPD.
The seminar is a part of a series of joint reflections on landscape, each one focusing on specific topics or disciplines, a necessary work in progress to explore different possibilities of development of exchanges, i.e. research and teaching project and scientific publication. The project aims to reinforce the dialogue on the theme of the landscape between two research centres already very active on this issue; the project addresses landscape issues from a cultural perspective

Inter-university and interdisciplinary exchange on cultural approaches to landscape will enable young researchers to develop new research perspectives


The project is structured in a two-day meeting to be held at the University of Padua: during 4 half-day sessions, the multidisciplinary teams of the two universities - involving historians, geographers (human, cultural, physical, pedagogical geographers), architects, art historians and visual researchers - will discuss, thanks to their research experiences, around 4 themes: landscape, representations and idea of nature; soundscapes; landscape and tourism; landscape, mountains, climate change and sustainability. Each session will host 3-5 short presentations by members of the two teams (mainly young researchers), presenting topics, methodologies and results of recent researches on the specific topic. Dissemination activities, educational projects and/or implication of the researches for policies and third mission activities will be presented, too; to this aim, some stakeholders can be invited to join some sessions (from the local and regional administrations, protected areas, tourism offices, museums, conservatory of music), that will be also open to other interested persons (researchers, master’s students, Ph.D candidates).

The first of the two days will be held at the Museum of Geography of the University of Padua, the visit of which will stimulate the discussion in particular on the themes of visualization and representations of the landscape, and on mountain landscape change in climate change era.

The second day will be held at Villa Revedin Bolasco in Castelfranco Veneto (, that belongs to the University of Padua, which is a privileged place for activities concerning landscape. Here we will deal in particular with issues relating to the relationship between landscape and the idea of nature and to soundscapes, with the possibility of "experiencing" the landscape in the park of the Villa.

A final session will be aimed at identifying common research paths to be explored and other future prospects for collaboration on topics of common interest.

Potential for follow-up activities

The meeting between the two teams will make it possible to identify common research paths between the two units, also in order to construct research proposals to be submitted. It will possible to build collaborations also in terms of pedagogical follow-ups, for the master's courses of the two universities.

Among the possibilities:

  • ­ Organization of a Summer School on Tourism and Landscapes, in the framework of Tourism Summer Schools at UNIL. These summer schools (1 week) are organized every two years: Wine, Terroir and Tourism in 2019; Tourism and Crisis in 2021. A Summer School on Landscapes and Tourism could be organized in 2025.  
  • ­Organization of a workshop on “Participatory processes in landscape studies” within the framework of the citizen science project Val d’Hérens 1950/2050
  • ­Virtual exchanges for the students
  • ­Enlargment of the existing mobility agreement through SEMP - Swiss European Mobility Programme, between the two universities open to PhD students
  • ­Joint publications involving researchers from both institutions (expecially young researchers) on common issues
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