1st PaLau PhD Workshop in Economics

UNIL principal investigator

Prof. Jürgen Maurer, Faculty of Business and Economics (HEC Lausanne)

UNIPD principal investigator

Prof. Enrico Rettore, DSEA


PhD workshop


This joint initiative aims at bringing closer PhD students and faculty members of the PhD programs in Economics in Lausanne and Padova.

The workshop builds around the premise of strong PhD programs and research environments in both involved departments. Importantly, the two departments share research interests across various fields (e.g., applied microeconomics, health and labour economics, public economics and political economy, behavioral and experimental economics, IO, mechanism design, macroeconomics, and others). Hence, this workshop can have multiple beneficiaries and lead to follow-up collaborations and activities.


This three-day PhD workshop hosted in Padova in summer 2022 will welcome up to twelve colleagues from Lausanne (e.g., 8-10 PhD students and 2-4 faculty members). It will also involve all Economics PhD students in Padova and several Padova faculty members.

The workshop will consist of a series of sessions that will give the opportunity to PhD students to present and improve their ongoing work by obtaining feedback on their research. The workshop will also host talks by faculty members from the two departments and an external keynote talk. These sessions will provide participants useful skills for their first steps in an academic career. It will also provide several opportunities for networking and interactions.

Potential for follow-up activities

Conditional on success of this inaugural workshop, a second PhD workshop might be planned in Lausanne. Alternatively, this first event could be followed by a PhD summer/winter school. Moreover, this inaugural workshop could facilitate research visit exchanges, as well as presentation by PhD students from one institution at the PhD seminar series of the other institution.

Last but not least, faculty members could explore the more ambitious midterm goal of applying for funding a Doctoral Network through the Horizon Europe Marie Skłodowska-Curie Actions.


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