All the steps to prepare your application for an exchange are explained below and, in the pages dedicated to each exchange agreement (UNIL General Agreements, SEMP, Faculty Agreements, CIVIS, QTEM Program, Swiss Mobility).

1. Choice of destination

- Choose the destination by consulting our Partner Universities page
- Consult our partners’ Fact Sheets on our Intranet site
- Be aware of the specific conditions that apply to each exchange agreement, including

  • Language requirements of each partner university (IELTS, TOEFL, etc.)
  • The study programs included in the exchange agreement
  • The academic calendar of the partner university
2. Preparation of the study plan

You must prepare a study plan (= course selection) for your exchange, even if it is provisional at the time of application. This is imperative because it is required for the selection.

Your study plan can also be called Learning Agreement or Contrat d'études, it is the same document (= course selection).

To choose your courses, consult the website of each partner university:

  • Courses open to exchange students
  • Official programs

Check carefully that all the courses you choose are in adequacy with the official programs of HEC Lausanne, your courses must:

  1. Follow the requirements of your study program
  2. Be at the right level and not previously taken at HEC
  3. Not be equivalent to courses you will take at HEC later, for example if you are going on exchange in the Fall and you are at HEC in the Spring semester

Check the credit conversion that is applied for each partner university on our corresponding page

  • The standard workload is 30 ECTS per semester
3. Preparation of the application

Once your exchange project is defined, please make an appointment with your Outgoing Students Advisor, "Contacts".

Jessica Fastré, Europe, Swiss mobility 

Jessica Ulloa, Overseas

Student Exchange Office
University of Lausanne
HEC Lausanne
Internef 256.1
Quartier de Chamberonne
CH-1015 Lausanne


4. Signature of the application

For UNIL General agreement applications only, please have each of your Learning Agreements signed by your Outgoing Students Advisor no later than Tuesday November 28, 17:00 before you submit your application.

Your Learning Agreements under the SEMP & Faculty agreements, CIVIS and Swiss mobility agreements do not need to be signed.

5. Submitting your application

Please refer to the instructions for submitting (uploading) your application and make sure you do so sufficiently in advance to avoid any problems during this transfer.

Please find all information for your application for an exchange in the SEMP/Faculty/CIVIS agreements here (20 February deadline).

The application deadlines for each exchange agreement are indicated in the table below:

Type of Agreement Deadline Number of choices
Signature LA - General agreements November 28 17:00
General agreements December 1st max 5
Bourse Annen December 1st max 1
QTEM Track 1 Exchange February 15 max 4
SEMP, CIVIS & Faculty agreements February 20 max 5
Swiss Mobility - Fall & Full year April 1st max 1
QTEM Track 2 Exchanges June 1st max 4
Free Mover - Fall & Full year July 31st na
Swiss Mobility - Spring October 15 max 1
Free Mover - Spring December 15 na
6. Selection Process

Applications for an exchange

The application must:  

  • Be submitted by the deadline and must contain all the required documents according to the instructions provided or it will not be considered
  • Respect the grade average required by HEC and that of the partner universities
  • Respect the language requirements of the partner universities

The application will then be evaluated on the basis of academic and extra-academic criteria: motivation, mobility project, associative and sports activities, leisure activities, jobs, etc. 

Selection criteria

  • During the selection process, the allocation of an exchange seat is not guaranteed, as the number of seats per institution is limited
  • If you have been selected for a destination during the first selection, you will not be able to apply for other destinations
  • If the selection takes place before the publication of results of the 1st semester, any selected application that does not meet the grade average requirements will be withdrawn and the exchange will be cancelled. You will not be able to apply for other destinations
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Next application deadlines :

October 15, 2024, 23:59
Swiss Mobility (exchange in Spring 2025)


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