Lauréats 2018

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Les lauréats

Outstanding Undergraduate Teaching Award
Dieter Hahnloser
For his excellence in teaching to the medical school students and his involvement in the clinical skills committee

Outstanding Student's Guidance Award
Laurent Schild
For his excellence in teaching and promotion of mobility to the medical school students

Outstanding Student's Guidance Award
Laurence Reber
For her excellence in taking care of students during their studies and promoting mobility

Outstanding Mentoring Award
Ivan Stamenkovic
In recognition for his exceptional contribution to the training of young talents and to his commitment to the new generation of academics

Clinical Practice Award
Anita Truttmann
In recognition for her outstanding contribution to the improvement of the quality of patient care and medical practice

Young Researcher in Basic Sciences Award
Cleo Bertelsmeier
For her original work on prediction of biological invasions of invasive species, in particular ants, at various spatial and temporal scales

Young Researcher in Basic Sciences Award
Marco Mina
For his innovative work on design, development and application of a novel algorithmic approach to determine interdependent alterations in cancer

Young Researcher in Clinical Sciences Award
Manon Vouga
For her creative work on Simkania negevensis, an emerging Chlamydiales member and for her work on Zika Virus

Lifetime Achievement Award
Bernard Thorens
For his pioneering work on Glucose transport, and for his ongoing research on glucose homeostasis and development of diabetes

Communication Award
Anna-Sapfo Malaspinas
For her outstanding commitment to an original art and science project for the young public in the field of human population genetics


Les FBM Awards ont été remis lors de la soirée d'été de la Faculté au cours de laquelle les professeurs honoraires et retraités ont également été récompensés.

Photos © Gilles Weber, SAM


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