UNIL Financial Incentive

Taking part in an EU research and innovation project can be a daunting prospect for researchers.

The application procedures are reputed to be tricky, the evaluation criteria disconcerting and the success rate a deterrent. European collaborative projects are selected according to the following 3 equally important criteria:

  • Scientific and/or technological excellence (relevance to the topics covered by the call for proposals)
  • Quality and efficiency of implementation and management
  • Potential impact via the development, dissemination, and use of the project's results.

Applications of high scientific quality are rejected because of weaknesses in the management or the exploitation plan.

Horizon Europe
With a budget of over €95.5 billion, Horizon Europe (2021-2027) is a key source of funding (the SNSF has an annual budget of around 500 million Swiss francs).

Given Switzerland's current status as a 'third country' within Horizon Europe, it is not possible to coordinate a project. 

Aware of the potential scientific and financial spin-offs of greater involvement at European level, the Service de la Recherche is nevertheless continuing with its support measures as follows:

First participation in the preparation of an Horizon Europe proposal: granting of a credit line of max. CHF 5,000.

Send a brief description of your proposal to the UNIL Service de la Recherche using the Horizon Europe support application form. After examination and positive evaluation, a credit line will be opened.

Credit use
Contribution to project development costs:

  • travel
  • organization of meetings at UNIL
  • etc.

Please note that the credit cannot be used to cover staff costs. Beneficiaries must justify their expenditure. Only actual expenses are reimbursed. Any balance does not belong to the researcher. No reimbursement will be requested if the project is not selected by the European Commission.


Horizon Europe - UNIL Financial Incentive

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Demande de soutien financier à la préparation d'un projet collaboratif d'Horizon Europe